FAQ - Students

How can I get in touch with the Solusse professionals?

Once your order is submitted, our experts automatically receive your request by email as well as in their Solusse dashboard. Your order is then reviewed by our team who will then contact you to offer the most attractive price and a date in which to complete the work.

How to be sure that the teachers work is compliant?

Solusse checks and validates every expert’s profile, one by one. We ensure the accuracy of the information and qualifications provided and monitor the work of teachers. Also, students regularly rank and review the work of the teachers, making sure that the solusse experience meets the high standards expected by our customers.

How much does the Solusse service cost?

For students credits are purchased in order to submit the required order. The connection and management services with the experts are all included.

Is payment by credit card secure?

Solusse uses the latest data encryption technologies to ensure a 100% secure online connection at all times. When paying by credit card or any other means on Solusse you will always find the presence of the standard "https" at the beginning of URL, which ensures total safety and confidence that your data is secure.

You can also choose to pay by Paypal or with your phone (Allopass) depending on the selected amounts. Once your payment is completed and protected by Solusse, our team of experts will start the process.

Fees and Compensation

What is the cost for assignments?

The rate for teacher's depends on the length of the work and its difficulty. Solusse offers a list of indicative prices, but these may change according to the speed with which you may want to receive the completed work.

How are the teachers paid?

Solusse handles all payments to the teacher's once work is completed and approved by you.